Get your photos edited

Can’t have a professional photo session because of a quarantine, so you end up taking pictures yourself? Or maybe you wish your old family photographs would get a new fresh touch? Or maybe you’re a content creator and want your photos to have that artistic pop they have been missing? Whatever your need is I am here for you! 

As a photographer I feel so sad that many people can’t have their special events captured due to Covid-19 pandemic. I know that in a month or a year we might regret not having the opportunity to document your newborn baby’s tiny toes, first smile, or a lovely bump we had, or any other moment that feels precious to us right now. I truly believe that this is your time to shine and get those pictures taken yourself, with confidence and joy!

At only R25.00 per photo you can still have your own photos look professional!   Enjoy a 10% discount for 20 images or more!

Just send me a message and we’ll discuss your specific needs.

Editing ad

The outcome of the editing depends on the original quality of your images; raw/good quality jpeg files would produce the best results! Check the examples below to compare the ‘before’ and ‘after’ on different devices.

Images taken with DSLR camera (raw)

Images taken with DSLR camera (jpeg)

Images taken with an Iphone (jpeg)

Images taken with a Smartphone (jpeg)