Maternity Sessions

The best time to schedule a Maternity Session is between 28-35 weeks, when you have a nice round belly and don’t feel too uncomfortable.

I generally don’t recommend to book later than 35 weeks to ensure that we don’t miss the opportunity to capture your lovely bump in case the baby decides to come sooner!  If you are high risk or carrying multiples this might be best to do the session even earlier. 

Your Session can take place either in the comfort and privacy of your own home, or on-location depending on your preference. In-home session usually provides a more intimate setting with ability to do a bit more showing off of the belly and can include photos of baby’s nursery. For on-location session we can do anything from a beach, to an open grassy field or forest-like setting – it’s your choice! I can help you choose the right location for you if it’s difficult for you to make up your mind.

The session is ideal for a small family of 3-5 members, or a couple.

I suggest you send me an email or message as soon as you have decided you want to do a shoot.

If you love discounts and already know that you want a Newborn session from me, my Maternity & Newborn package might be the right choice for you! Book together to save!

Fresh 48 Sessions

Fresh 48 Session is a great alternative to birth photography. It is generally held within the first 48 hours from baby’s birth and is usually done in your hospital ward or bedroom in case of a homebirth. It is a photo-documentary of the first real moments of interaction and bonding with your newborn.

The next day usually works best since mom has a rest and baby is bathed. We can discuss when would work best for you both. It is best to feed baby right before the session and make sure his/her tummy is nice and full.

**Due to the on call nature of these sessions, I only do a limited number of Fresh 48 sessions a month! Booking early is key to guaranteeing you a spot! Before booking the session please check with your hospital and ensure photographers are allowed. In most cases they are treated as visitors and it is generally okay.**

Newborn Sessions

I offer two types of newborn photoshoots: a Lifestyle Newborn Session, and a Lifestyle & Posed Newborn Session. Both are done in the privacy and comfort of your home. I love lifestyle sessions for a more relaxed, candid atmosphere, where the family doesn’t need to stress about travelling and being out and about for several hours with their precious little baby. 

Lifestyle Newborn Session can be held from birth to birth up to 6 weeks. It includes parents and siblings, and may include grandparents and pets if any. Sessions are generally about 1-2 hours long, I like to ensure enough time for as many breaks as needed to feed the baby, change a nappy or soothe the little one. 

If you would like to get a few posed images of your little one in addition to lifestyle shoot then Lifestyle & Posed Newborn Session is right for you! It’s best to schedule it before the baby is 10 days old. In this early age it is easier to get cute, squishy poses. After that the baby starts to stretch out and is more alert. This kind of session takes about 3-4 hours, as I don’t like to rush and want to ensure that baby’s needs are met and baby is as comfortable as possible. This gives the baby plenty of time for feeding, cuddling and sleeping. Safety of your little one always comes first! It is normal  if the baby becomes fussy, I know how to calm them. You are welcome to always stay close by or you can take a break if you need one. 

It is best to schedule a Newborn Session before your little one arrives. Let me know your estimated due date and if there are any changes to that (induction or scheduled c-section), I will make a note in my calendar. When you baby is born, send me a quick message, and then we will decide on a date that suits you best.

Family Sessions

A typical Family Session with me lasts about 60-90 minutes, and includes a mixture of documentary and classic portraits of each family member and the whole group. I like to capture moments that show the emotion and connection of your family. If you are engaged as a family, your eyes will be on the people you love and your smile with be natural. These are the photographs that best describe my style.

In the session I like to incorporate things my clients would typically do as a family. This can be hanging out at home, going to the park, your favourite coffee shop, or book store you frequently visit, etc.

Early morning and late evening when the sun is low in the sky is my favourite time of the day to photograph. But I like to keep in mind the kids – I want them to be at their best and I will work around their schedules to have the time of the day where they are normally most active and happy. 

This session is ideal for a family of 3-6 members. I also do sessions for bigger family gatherings, please contact me for a specialised quote.

Couple Sessions

While a Couple Session can be a great way to celebrate a memorable event such as engagement, anniversary or St. Valentines Day, it can be a wonderful opportunity to capture the love and care you feel for each other. The best way to let your feelings glow in the photos is through interaction with each other. Choosing your favourite place and activity for the shoot can help you feel relaxed and comfortable while you enjoy each other’s company. In my style of shooting I like to capture sweet candid moments as well as take some posed portraits.

I prefer to do a couple session in the late afternoon, about an hour before sunset, when the sun is gently kissing your skin with golden rays. The session usually lasts about 45-60 minutes.